Concrete Applications in Farming: Enhancing Agricultural Infrastructure



From biotechnology and automation to drones and machine learning, agriculture has witnessed some incredible technological innovations over the past few decades.

But one key area is often overlooked, despite its impact on efficiency and sustainability: concrete technologies.

Join us for a short webinar where we discuss ways to optimize agricultural concrete to eliminate downtime from maintenance, improve animal health, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions.


Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Durability for Longevity: Learn how to enhance the durability of agricultural concrete, ensuring it can withstand weathering, temperature changes, and abrasive use, ultimately reducing maintenance costs.
  2. Reduced Veterinary Bills: Explore how durable and sturdy concrete surfaces can lead to better hoof health, fewer vet bills, and healthier livestock.
  3. Emissions Reduction: See how durable concrete contributes to reduced carbon emissions from fewer repairs and maintenance — aligning your farm with sustainability goals.
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Christian Warren - Territory Manager - Eastern USA


13+ years of Technical Territory Sales and Operations Management experience within the construction industry. With a CIM degree from MTSU, Christian has worked for a large Ready-mix producer and admix companies. With a technical background in Ready-Mix as the Mid-Atlantic QC Manager along with successful territory sales management, he brings a unique blend of attributes to support Kryton’s ever growing customer base. He works closely with customers to include: designing of engineered projects, quoting, selling, closing of the project, along with complete site management.