Kryton Webinar



Having access to expert technical support can make the difference between your project's success and failure.
Join us in March for an engaging discussion with technical services expert Doug Adam and learn how to effectively leverage technical support from suppliers, ensuring higher quality work, compliance with best practices, and overall project excellence.
For Architects: Understand the importance of technical guidance in ensuring the mix designs can perform as per design.
Building Envelope Consultants: Gain valuable insights into how technical support can elevate your project's standards and outcomes.
For General Contractors: Learn how on-site support can simplify project communications, enhance team efficiency, and ensure compliance with best practices.

What You’ll Learn: 
  • Eliminating the communication disconnect between the architect, consulting envelope engineer, structural engineer, and general contractor through good pre-construction practices. Constructive dialogue starts at the beginning of the project.
  • Circumstances where “Typical Details” just don’t work in “non-typical” circumstances. How to remedy this situation without a negative impact on schedule or budget.
  • Eliminating common installation mistakes onsite before they happen.
  • Using all the available tools to overcome labor shortages and language barriers
  • Dealing with construction deficiencies before they impact critical path.
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Doug Adam - Technical Services Technician • Kryton International Inc. 

Doug_headshotDoug Adam is a technical services technician at Kryton International Inc. Over the last six years, within the research and development department at Kryton, Doug has been focusing on waterproofing and direct site support. He has a background in mechanical engineering with 12 years of experience in civil construction, including six years in the infrastructure sector and two years in the oil and gas industry.