Concrete Durability: 3 Things to Consider to Protect Concrete Surfaces from Wear and Tear


Durability extends the lifespan of concrete structures, contributes to sustainability, and reduces overall lifecycle costs.

Join us for a 30-minute conversation with Brock Jensen, Technical Sales Representative from Wallace Construction as he talks about the  3 key ways he enhances concrete durability. He will unpack the complexities of concrete durability and offer insights into innovations that help extend concrete’s longevity through abrasion and erosion resistance and permanent waterproofing.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Best practices in concrete mix design to meet and exceed project requirements across varying environmental conditions (e.g., freezing temperatures, heat, rain, and humidity) 

  2. The importance of application and quality control in preventing costly mistakes and ensuring the longevity of concrete structures 

  3. How minimizing post-installation maintenance can lead to significant savings in time and costs — and more sustainable construction 

  4. New innovations in concrete durability that extend the life of concrete by more than 2x

This webinar is essential for construction professionals, engineers, architects, and anyone involved in the design, application, and maintenance of concrete structures looking to deepen their understanding of concrete durability and its impact on sustainability and project success.



Brock Jensen - Technical Sales Representative - Wallace Construction


With over two decades in construction, Brock began his journey in Civil Engineering Technology at SIAST in 2000. Transitioning from material testing and project administration to construction in 2008, Brock served as a Project Manager/Operations Manager at Vector Construction in Saskatoon, SK, specializing in concrete restoration, coating, and construction. Now, as a Technical Sales Rep at Wallace Construction Specialties since 2019, Brock assists clients in selecting optimal construction materials.



Adam Creelman - Territory Manager - Kryton International


Adam has been with Kryton for more than 7 years. He started as Distributor Training Specialist wherein he’s responsible in overseeing sales, marketing, product, technical and service training from development to delivery. He was promoted to Training Manager in November 2019 and assisted the Company in creating more training programs for the Sales team, both local and global as well as be involved in different Strategic Initiatives such as our Sales Methodology. With his extensive knowledge and experience of our Kryton products, Adam was yet again promoted and given a new opportunity as Territory Manager – Canadian Prairies in 2023. Adam has a Bachelor degree in Commerce and a Master of Education in Educational Technology and Learning Design.