Learn All You Need to Know in Four Distinct Topics


Crystalline Waterproofing History

Discover the time-proven origins behind crystalline waterproofing admixtures and why that should inform your own admixture choice.


The Differences Between PRAHs and PRANs

Find out what makes permeability-reducing admixtures for hydrostatic conditions different from those for non-hydrostatic conditions.


How to Measure the Performance of PRAHs

See data on the permeability testing, dosage rates, and overall shape of PRAH solutions like our own Krystol Internal Membrane®.


What Makes Their Self-Sealing Ability Effective

Learn how important self-sealing can be and how dosage and the concrete curing process can affect its effectiveness.

Over 40 Years of Research Delivered in Three Chapters

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About Us

Kryton International Inc. is a world leader in innovative Smart Concrete® technologies that are cost-effective solutions to permanently waterproof and optimize the durability of concrete structures. Known best for inventing the first crystalline waterproofing admixture in the 1980s, Kryton has expanded to include hardening and monitoring solutions for concrete.  

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