Everything You Need to Know about Kryton’s Abrasion and Erosion Resistant Admixture



Durability not only extends the lifespan of concrete structures but also contributes to sustainability and reduces overall lifecycle costs. However, many specifiers are not yet familiar with the latest solutions to significantly enhance concrete’s durability and service life. 

Hard-Cem is one such innovation, providing exceptional durability and sustainability by more than doubling the wear life of concrete.

Join us for an insightful webinar where our experts will explain what Hard-Cem is and how it can benefit your projects.

What you’ll learn:

  • What Hard-Cem is and how it works
  • Comparison to dry shakes, liquid densifiers, and other “hardening” methods
  • Common applications, including industrial flooring, distribution centers, roads, paths, ports, piers, hydroelectric dams, spillways, dykes, culverts, breakwaters, wastewater, and farming 
  • Recommended spec language (Prescriptive vs. Performance)
  • Sustainability advantages and LEED points available with Hard-Cem

This webinar is designed for engineers, architects and anyone involved in specifying concrete.

Spots are limited, secure yours today! Can’t make the live event? Register anyway, and we will send you the recording afterward.



Kevin Yuers - Vice President, Product Development - Kryton International

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Kevin Yuers has been with Kryton for almost 30 years – holding senior positions in Operations, Research & Development, Sales & Marketing, Product Management and Technical Services. Today Kevin’s focus is Product Development and Acquisitions. His 35+ years of industry experience allows Kevin to bring real-world solutions and value to Kryton’s many customers and associates spread around the globe. Kevin is an active member of several industry and business associations and has traveled extensively throughout the world.