The Hidden Killers of Concrete

On-Demand Webinar


In the world of construction, a persistent challenge lies in creating structures that stand the test of time. Water damage is often a silent threat, eroding the integrity of buildings, increasing maintenance costs, and reducing longevity. Often, the damage that makes concrete vulnerable to water and deterioration is too small to see, making it easy to ignore until it's too late.

Join us to gain first-hand insights from Kryton’s Technical Director, Jeff Bowman. Learn about past and present research on concrete vulnerabilities, and how cutting-edge technologies can ensure their concrete remains durable and watertight.

Mr. Bowman will discuss:
  • How microcracks develop and propagate, and their effects on durability properties.
  • How self-sealing and healing properties of crystalline waterproofing address micro-cracks and help maintain and even restore durability properties.
  • Actual field case studies comparing differing admixture technologies.
  • How impactful chemicals, especially in wastewater treatment, lead to corrosion of steel and embedded metals.
  • How the subtle yet critical threats like carbonation, wet concrete, overloaded concrete, and the effects of micro cracks.
  • How thermocycling insights beyond strength testing, reveal exposure to permeability.

Why Attend:
  • For engineers, this is an opportunity to comprehend and potentially implement a tried-and-tested solution in future projects.
  • Ready mix producers can understand the transformative potential of crystalline waterproofing admixture, offering more value to their clients and creating opportunities for new revenue streams.
  • For owners and developers, this is a chance to forecast the long-term benefits of waterproof and watertight concrete, from reduced maintenance costs to extended structure lifespan.
Gain a deeper understanding of concrete basics, with a focus on crucial factors like curing.

  • Duration: 34.13 minutes
  • Price: Free
  • Language: English


Jeff Bowman, B.Sc. - Technical Director • Kryton International Inc. 

JeffBowman- KrytonJeff Bowman is a key driver within the Kryton R&D team with over a decade of dedicated experience in defining and developing best practices within the crystalline admixtures and repair materials category. Jeff has written extensively on waterproofing technologies and has helped to develop new products that ensure structural durability.