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Smart Concrete® Solutions

Use the following products to create new revenue streams and help your customers minimize the materials, time, and effort required to complete any projects involving concrete. These products offer a distinct advantage over the more traditional methods not only by improving worksite efficiencies and reducing risk but also by maximizing the performance of your concrete.

Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®)

As an integral crystalline admixture, KIM is added directly to your concrete during batching to help turn the concrete itself into a permanent waterproof barrier. This helps customers eliminate the time needed for additional waterproofing applications, such as external membranes and surface-applied products. And for their infrastructure projects, KIM will help boost the durability of the concrete by protecting it against corrosion and extending its service life.

Krystol Internal Membrane


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Like KIM, this concrete admixture is also added directly to your concrete mix. But instead of waterproofing your concrete, it increases your concrete's resistance against abrasive and erosive forces without the need for surface-applied products. This allows you to add another branded concrete mix to your product line while your customers avoid the safety hazards of silica dust.



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   Maturix™ Smart Concrete® Sensor
Want to add even more value to your business? Then, take advantage of our Maturix™ Sensors! Be the ready-mix company that not only sells quality branded mixes but offers advanced sensors that wirelessly monitor concrete temperature and strength for your customers, eliminating the time they’d need to go to the worksite.


Concrete Monitoring
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Guaranteed 25-Year Warranty 

No matter the solution you choose, we guarantee that it will be covered by our standard 25-year warranty. With it, you can expect products that are free from any manufacturing defects and that perform as promised.


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Free Online Education

For more information on the benefits of integral waterproofing and durability admixtures, you can access the AIA-accreditated courses and free webinars below.

Hanley Wood University
Accredited Course: Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing and Repair Systems

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This educational unit examines exactly how concrete waterproofing works and how it doesn’t so you can specify the best concrete waterproofing method for each project.

AIA CES Course: #AIAKRY7277

NY PIE Course: #20140071

Credits: 1 PDH or 1 AIA/CES LU

Hanley Wood University
Accredited Course: Integral Hardening for Wear-Resistant Concrete

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This educational unit examines exactly how concrete hardening technologies work and what their differing features and benefits are so you can specify the best abrasion- and erosion-resistant methods for each project.

AIA CES Course: #AIAKRY7276

NY PIE Course: #20180899

Credits: 1 PDH or 1 AIA/CES LU or 1 AIA/CES LU (HSW)

Smart Concrete
Webinar: Concrete Waterproofing - Building Better with Smart Concrete


This webinar will help you determine the best ways you can help customers waterproof their project, reducing risk, saving time, and money. But why does concrete need to be waterproofed? What are traditional methods and their limitations? How is Kryton's KIM different from other crystalline admixtures and what makes it Smart Concrete? Where has KIM helped overcome challenges in the construction industry? All these questions and more will be answered.

Smart Concrete
Webinar: Hard-Cem - Integral Concrete Hardening for Wear-Resistant Concrete


This webinar will identify long-term cost impacts of abrasion and erosion on concrete infrastructure, review concrete hardening options, and assess the best solutions based on applicability.

Informational Videos

We also offer free videos on how you can apply our products, which you can view anytime on our YouTube channel.

Coming Soon! We are also currently developing a video on real-time concrete monitoring. While watching it, you’ll get to learn all about the latest sensor technology and how it delivers a real-time measurement of your concrete’s internal temperature and strength development. This highly accurate non-destructive concrete testing method is based on ASTM C1074-19 —Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method.

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