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Find Out How to Optimize Your Concrete Hardening Process

While dry shake hardeners are considered to be a conventional solution for concrete hardening, they aren’t the most efficient. They also aren’t the only solution around. To help you take advantage of this, Kryton has created the latest e-book all around dry shakes, their inefficiencies, and what you can do about them. Get all the details you need in under 20 pages for a better look at how to optimize the concrete hardening process.



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Insight into dry shake application inefficiencies

A look at their health concerns

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Kryton International Inc. is a world leader in innovative Smart Concrete® technologies that are cost-effective solutions to permanently waterproof and optimize the durability of concrete structures. Known best for inventing the first crystalline waterproofing admixture in the 1980s, Kryton has expanded to include hardening and monitoring solutions for concrete.