Kryton Webinar



Whether working in commercial or residential construction, concrete contractors must deliver foundations that don't leak. Properly constructed or repaired foundation systems will intercept and/or collect to restrict water leaking into the structure's basement. With proper preplanning, contractors can adopt a practical approach.

For new construction, we will focus on the discussion that should occur in the pre-construction meeting. Contractors can bring up the subject of waterproofing when reviewing several sections in the NRMCA/ASCC Checklist for the Concrete Pre-Construction Conference. Our experts will discuss how contractors should construct a waterproof foundation by focusing on water stops, mix designs, and surface treatments.

Unfortunately, there can be instances when a concrete foundation leaks. Managing the owner's expectations concerning the scope of work and repair options is best controlled with an effective pre-construction meeting.  

The learning objectives of this session will focus on the "how-tos" of three key factors: 
  • Ensuring water stops, joint fillers, and exterior coatings are correctly installed to prevent water intrusion.
  • Specifying performance concrete mix designs to restrict water movement.
  • Managing an owner's expectations of a residential foundation repair.
Contractors, architects, and engineers who attend this webinar will be given a Certificate of Attendance for self-reporting certification purposes.


Jeff Bowman, B.Sc. - Technical Director • Kryton International Inc. 

JeffBowman- KrytonJeff Bowman is a key driver within the Kryton R&D team with over a decade of dedicated experience in defining and developing best practices within the crystalline admixtures and repair materials category. Jeff has written extensively on waterproofing technologies and has helped to develop new products that ensure structural durability.



Brent Anderson, PE. - President • BDA Associates, LLC

Brent Anderson, PE

Brent Anderson, PE, is the President of BDA Associates, LLC, and a consultant with Structural Technologies. He specializes in concrete and foundation repairs, dam seals, electro osmotic pulse technology, water control systems for building foundations, tunnels, shafts, chemical and water tanks, sulfur pits for refineries, and chemical grouting in power plants. Specialized work also consists of geotechnical grouting using soil solidification and stabilizing techniques. He also writes articles on specialized waterproofing techniques in the industrial complex. Brent is an active ACI member and works with the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) as a residential foundation engineer. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota. Brent is a popular World of Concrete seminar speaker.



Rick Yelton. - Editor at Large • World of Concrete

Rick Yelton

Rick Yelton is the Editor at Large for World of Concrete, an Informa Market’s event. Rick is an engineer who has been involved in the concrete construction industry for more than 3 decades

Rick is an active member of several ASTM International technical committees for cement, concrete and masonry. He has served on the Executive Committee of the Concrete and Concrete Aggregates - C09. He is the current chairman of subcommittee C09-22 Materials Applied to Fresh Concrete.

Rick is also active on several technical committees at the American Concrete Institute.