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Hear Chris Wood explore the key considerations for specifiers for abrasion and erosion resistance in concrete flooring projects. He discusses the challenges associated with abrasion and erosion,  and their impact on the lifespan and performance of flooring systems and he suggests alternative solutions to some of the traditional methods being used.

Key topics covered include: 

 - The impact of abrasion and erosion on flooring 
 - How to choose the right materials and technologies for your project 
 - Sustainable solutions for flooring  
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Chris Wood - Project Executive • Kent Companies


With over 18 years of experience working in the concrete industry, Chris Wood has a deep understanding of what makes a concrete construction project a success. Part of that comes from an extensive 10-year career working for a ready-mix supplier. But Chris has recently bolstered that knowledge with contractor insights after transitioning in 2016 to project management. With that know-how, he has supported a number of projects over the years and continues his support as a project executive for Kent Companies, the sixth-largest concrete contractor in the USA.


Adam Creelman - Territory Manager • Kryton International Inc. 

1677194583358With over 20 years experience supporting projects in the concrete and construction industries, John Andersen brings extensive technical knowledge to a long portfolio of projects in Western Canada. Moreover, his pragmatic can do attitude and collaborative approach has made him invaluable when partnering with multiple stakeholders.